Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising Data

This page makes available, at 15 minute intervals, public data about the Wikimedia Foundation Fundraiser.

Comments/questions should be addressed to or join us in IRC channel #wikimedia-fundraising on freenode.


Data Files

Day of Year vs. Parameter

These files are indexed by day of year with columns identifying the year it applies to.

File NameDescription
yeardata-day-vs-avg.csv Average donation amount per day in USD
yeardata-day-vs-max.csv Maximum donation per day
yeardata-day-vs-donations.csv Total number of donations per day
yeardata-day-vs-sum.csv Total amount received per day (not taking into account refunds)
yeardata-day-vs-ytdsum.csv Year to Date total received from donors (not taking into account refunds)
yeardata-day-vs-refund_sum.csv Total amount refunded to donors per day
yeardata-day-vs-refunds.csv Total number of refunds per day
yeardata-day-vs-ytdloss.csv Year to Date total refunded to donors

Donation Data versus Day

The same information given by Day of Year vs. Parameter, but not pivoted into by year columns.


Column NameDescription
date Composite inform
donations Total number of donations on day
refunds Total number of refunds on day
ytdsum Year to date sum of donations (not accounting for refunds)
ytdloss Year to date sum of loss due to refunds
sum Daily total given (not including refunds)
max Maximum donation given on day
avg Average donation given on day
refund_sum Daily total lost due to refunds

Campaign Data

Statistics about each entry medium (banner, social media, etc) and each campaign that has ran since 2006.


Column NameDescription
medium The donation medium. This could be sitenotices (banners), social media, ...
campaign Name of the campaign. They do mean things, but this is only known to those who created them...
start_date The date/time of the first received donation to this campaign.
stop_date The date/time of the last received donation to this campaign.
count Total number of received donations to this campaign.
sum Total amount received to this campaign.
avg Average amount given to this campaign.
usdmax Maximum donation given.
usdstd Standard deviation of totals given.

Case Studies

These data sets accompany reports on metawiki -- they are preliminary releases and should still be considered in draft form.

Study Data Control Banner Variable Banner
2013-02-27 Case_study_2013-02-27.csv ... ...

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